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The only hologram system in the world that can run under direct sunlight. Hologram is the future of display technologies. From health to defense, education, retailing, product design holograms solves many difficulties and increase effectiveness. But today holograms works well on very limited conditions and resolutions are poor. Holoarc Tehnologies LLC leads the mission to solve the important limitations of holograms. Holocity has volumetric 3D images rather than fake 2D reflections or poor, low-resolution, less-depth images of current hologram technologies. Holoarc has an incredible 16K3D resolution 4 times higher than the maximum 3D resolution on the market. Holoarc True8VR is the highest resolution VR headset in the world that doubles the real visible resolution of the top res. headsets on the market. Holocity is also much brighter than any hologram technology on the market. Holoar Technologies LLC. have developed the only hologram in the world that can operate under direct sunlight. These features open many new doors in the field of hologram technology.

Opens many new doors to visual technologies and Metaverse.

Since today, holograms has limitations; they couldn’t run under high ambient lighting conditions, and resolutions were insufficient for a lot of usages. Holoarc invented technologies that eliminates those limitations. Holoarc invented a hologram that has 80 times brighter images than the existing technology on the market; now holoarc is the only hologram in the world that can run under direct sunlight. We also created the highest resolution in 3D with 16K resolution; 4 times higher than existing

Rebuilt from the inside out

Holoarc was founded by very experienced industry leaders. The team consists of the first artists of "3D Studio Max", the most popular digital content creation program since its first version was developed in 1992. They are experts on 3D and DCC Programming with more than 20 years of experience. Ali Hantal is the co-fouder of one of the most active companies in the AR-VR field in the US and Senior Testbed Coordinator of OARC; Open AR Cloud Organization. After 10 years of R&D they developed systems that beat all existing technologies on the market in the terms of resolution, depth, brightness and overall quality of the images that produce a life-like feel and a eliminates a lot of limitations of VR Headsets and Holograms. Holoarc was not only a startup that invented a simple product, They are one of the most experienced teams in advanced visual technologies also preparing to apply to 12 patents in 2022.


Industry-leading attention to detail

World's most advanced visual technologies company that solved the important limitations of AR & VR, Holograms.

"A groundbreaking design that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations- even with the bar set high. This truly feels like the future of gaming."
Sandra Thompson
Tech Reviewer

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